Thursday, July 29, 2010

Qualcomm CEO: WiMax 3G will compete in the face of setbacks

November 10, according to foreign reports, Qualcomm Chief Executive Paul - Jacob (Paul Jacobs), said alternative wireless Internet access technology WiMax in 3G will encounter difficulties in the face of competition.

Jacobs criticized the current version of WiMax technology and services to the poor quality of the connection. He pointed out that South Korean version of WiMax technology WiBro is a commercial failure.

Jacob pointed out, AT & T and other companies use WCDMA 3G technology to provide faster Internet connection.

Qualcomm president Steve - Altman (Steve Altman), said between Qualcomm and Nokia's patent lack of progress in the negotiations. The two companies are still studying the terms of technology cross-license license. Nokia asked for more favorable terms. Altman, said the two companies have many legal conflicts.

Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer Bill - Kettle (Bill Keitel), said he expects Qualcomm in 2008, the average gross profit margin will reach 69%. Keitel said that high earnings through the last few years the results have exceeded expectations. Qualcomm made this time is expected to make financial analysts disappointed. Keitel said the lower forecast was mainly due to disputes between Nokia result in the loss of licensing revenue from Nokia.

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